Get That Skin in Shape: Skincare Routine Update

Que tal peeps!

If you have been following me in my review for the Face Shop’s Rice Water Foam and Cleansing Oil was too strong for my sensitive skin and I broke out badly! The eczema on my face went loco!

There was an explosion of itchy bumps and red rashes on my face! I was super embarrassed that I did not go outside for weeks! I had to put my skin care knowledge to the test.

So I had to update my skin care routine to clear my skin and thank GOD it is working!

First, I discontinued using the Face Shop products. I began using Biore Deep Pore Cleansing Charcoal Cleanser during the night time.

This cleanser helped calm my skin and was able to soothe my skin. You can purchase this at any local drug store. It was 6.99 at Rite Aid in my city.

Next, product I use people may roll their eyes, but don’t sleep on this product! It was A & D Regular Ointment.

This helped with my itchy inflamed skin. I applied this to a clean face to the affected areas at night time. This helped bust through the irritating experience. I used this for about a week. I will say don’t use this for too long, it will cause clogged pores. However, the Biore helped preventing clogged pores.

Once I stopped using the A & D Ointment I just began using pure coco butter. This saves lives fam. This leaves your skin looking beautiful and it does not clog my pores.

This is so a adorable and you can using this as a daily moisturizer! It was less than $3.00 where I live. You can find this at any drugstore. Coco butter has so many benefits when it comes to skin.

Next, I use these Simple Oil Balancing wipes to remove makeup or I use them in the morning.

I cannot use face wash twice a day, because my skin is too sensitive for that. These wipes help remove oil and sweat after a good night’s sleep. They are gentle and refreshing. After using these I just apply the coco butter.

Next, I use an aloe face mask by Malie. I use these twice a week.

The aloe helps calm the skin and irritation. I use these after I cleanse my face at night time. These run about $1.00 at my local Korean market.

I began using a facial cleaning brush. This helped remove dirt. For some odd reason my skin was itchy, dry, but oily at the same time. Along with the wipes and the cleanser this helped with cleaning my skin.

This is not the one that I own, but I did find a good one from Big Lots for $8.00! It works great!

Lastly, I had to not wear any makeup for a week! I was upset! Makeup is life for me! However, it was worth it. It helped speed up the healing process.

Overall, I will stick to this simple skincare routine. It is quick and cheap. I’m still healing and my face is almost back on track! I guess it is true for some that simple is better!



Happy Skincare!!

bts face.jpg

~ Besos and Blessings up


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