Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder

Que tal beauties!

I was in youtube and seen that Maybelline has some new loose setting powders. They are sold online  and the prices vary.  I have seen $7.99 + 5.95 shipping at I also seen it for $5.99 at, but it was an add on item. However, it only had the shade light left.

While this can be compared to Laura Mercier’s deep setting powder, this is not translucent powder. The website claims that this powder does have a hint of color. The powder also is a mineral powder. So far this product does have good reviews on the website. The overall rating is 4.7 with 47 reviews.

They come in 8 shades. I was so happy with seeing shades for fair to true deep and all in between shades! I’m low key trying not to faint honey!

Go to Maybelline’s website to see all 8 shades. They run about $7.99 + shipping fees.







Shades: Fair, Fair Light, Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Deep, Deep, and Dark . I was only able to get photos of some of the shades. 


Happy make up hunting!!!


Besos and Blessings up!!!



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