BTS Best Dressed Boy Band at the Billboard Music Awards

Bts said to be the best dressed boy band at the 2017 awards. BTS slaying the music and the fashion industry in one day!


VIP Beauty: Hair Review

Que tal peeps! I am super excited to do my first hair review. I am just like any lover of beauty and I love to change my style up. I am always rocking new trends and hair is not a territory untouched by me. I began wearing extensions or sew ins maybe three years ago.... Continue Reading →

Soap it up! Shea Moisture 

Que tal peeps! I know this company has been getting the side eye for some stuff that hit the fan recently for their marketing. However, I would still like to present some of their soaps. You can use this just for your face or for your whole body. You can actually even buy these soaps... Continue Reading →

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